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It's a joke, people.

Welcome to my world. My current number one hobby was woodworking, emphasis on hobby. Lately though, art (of a sort) has been intruding. I do this stuff for my own amusement (and sometimes frustration). Most of this site will be devoted to woodworking, but other areas of interest, including aviation, photography, and other subjects that appeal to me will also show up now and then.  Have a look around; if you leave with nothing else, at least you can say you were here and lived to tell about it. It ain't much, but its home.
A little bio: Born and raised in Illinois,  married in 1969, moved to Oregon in 1970, and Colorado in 1997. I've operated front-end loaders, graduated from Ray College of  Design in Chicago, and worked in offset printing making color separations and plates. I opened my own computer store in Salem in 1983. I've done a lot of computer repair and support, and I'm quite convinced that end-users cause brain damage. I got my pilot's license in 1988 (Private, SEL).  I retired October 1st, 2004, and my wife thinks I don't have enough to do.

    Best viewed through a whiskey fog

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In Memoriam

We lost a beloved family member today. Ky was one year old when we adopted  her in 1994. She was the most loveable, mellow, and eager-to-please companion we've ever known. She died just one day shy of her 15th year with us, at home, surrounded by those she loved. We were told by the vet that Ky was the human equivalent of 100 years old. She had a good run, but when she fell down for the final time and couldn't get up this morning, she let us know the time had come. We'll bury her ashes in her favorite shady spot in the yard. (Ky is the heeler/shepherd mix. The Beagle is Sage, and she will sorely miss her buddy.)

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